How to Fuck a Cougar

lisabethYou are probably laughing out loud reading the title to this blog post. I don’t really blame you. I mean, come on. How to fuck a woman? You only need to look at your dick, how it is shaped, look at where all the parts are, make forward thrusting motion, and you are pretty much there. In one way, you are right. At some level, sex is really just all about inserting Part A into Slot B – pretty mechanical, pretty straightforward, not much to it. It is definitely not rocket science.

However, if you are serious about fucking a cougar, you can’t just play with her like you would play with a woman in her 20s. That is not going to work. The thing with fucking women in their 20s is that you are paying for that pussy. You are wining and dining her, you are taking her to a romantic spot, you are cracking lots of jokes, you are spending a lot of time with her, you are looking straight in her eyes, you are really getting into the emotional vibe, and just really coming up with an atmosphere of deep and intense emotional intimacy. This is all well and good, but that is very expensive not just in terms of money, but also in time and emotional energy.

Cougars, on the other hand, are cheap. They just want to fuck. That is what makes them really expensive because it takes time, effort, mastery, and a high level of self confidence and discipline to get up to that sexual level where you can please a cougar.

You have to understand that fucking a cougar is the easy part. You can get a one-time fuck session with any babe you want if you set your mind to it. That is not a problem. Anybody can play the numbers game in any cougar online dating site and come up with dates. You can get laid. The problem is getting invited back to the part. That is where you have to know how to fuck a cougar. This means that you have to fuck her in such a way that she gets what she is looking for.

What are cougars looking for? They are older women. When women are younger, they probably only climax once or twice. If she climaxes three times during one session, that is a good night. However, a cougar is not just looking for multiple climaxes, but she wants to orgasm in such a way that it really blows away all definitions of pleasure. It really kind of clears your mind, makes all the hair in your body stand up, and really takes you to cloud nine.

This may sound like it came out of a Hallmark card or some sort of fictional description. But it is true. Having real sex with somebody who knows what they are doing is all about experiencing physical pleasure beyond the temporary half-a-minute to three minutes of climaxing. It is all about coming for a long period of time, and feeling really really in tune with yourself. That is the kind of level of sex a cougar is looking for.

This is why you need to step up if you decide to fuck a cougar. You are not fucking around. You are not fucking with an amateur. You really need to get your game going and master the Karma Sutra so you can get her to keep calling you again and again.